it is no secret that hoverboard as seen in the sci-fi movie Back To The Future II tickles the fancy of many, but we all know gravity-defying, standalone levitation is not going to happen anytime soon and the Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard you see here is probably the closest you can get to that sci-fi exhilaration. as the product name suggests, it uses a single, large rubber wheel, which gives you the sublime feeling akin to those of surfing or snowboarding. driven by technology unseen on the outside, the Onewheel employs a 500W brushless hub motor for mobility, while solid-state inertial sensors and algorithms keeps the board balanced. riding it would be pretty much like riding on any regular skateboards: lean forward to go forth. lean backward to stop or even reverse and put your weight to the sides enables you to make turns.

an onboard lithium iron phosphate keeps it going for up to 6 miles (9.7 km) and can get up to nearly 20 kilometers an hour (12 mph). it recharges in just 20 minutes when charged with the ultra charger, or 2 hours using the standard charger. thanks to the sensors incorporated and the large 11.5 x 6.506 Vega wheel, getting started with the Onewheel would be a breeze. in fact, the company responsible for this awesome said that it takes mere minutes for novice to get a hang of it. the Onewheel Self-Balancing Electric Skateboard was an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter project which ended late last month, but fret not if you have missed it; you can still pre-order one from Onewheel website for a cool sum of $1,499. you catch the Onewheel in action in the embedded video right after the image gallery below.

Onewheel via Man of Many

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