How To Enhance The Performance Of Your Rifle With Customization

If you’re a shooter, you know the importance of having top performance from your rifle. It can make all the difference between hitting your target and missing it completely. But achieving that kind of excellence isn’t always easy – and if you’re using a standard rifle off-the-shelf, chances are it could be limiting your potential …

Biofire Smart Gun With Facial Recognition Goes On Sale In The U.S.

Considering how gun security has been a major concern, it is a surprise that there hasn’t has a surefire biometric solution to prevent accidental shootings by children and prevent unauthorized use in the event of lost or stolen. While they have been all kinds of gun safes and even a biometric lock accessory for the …

How To Find The Top Gun Gear Online

You want to take into consideration a few key points before buying a firearm. You have to think about the type of gun you need, how much power you need, and what kind of budget you are working with. The following article will help guide your decisions when it comes to purchasing your next gun …

The Walther PPK Pistol Used By Sean Connery In Dr. No Is Going Under The Hammer

Sir Thomas Sean Connery, arguably the best silver screen James Bond, may have left us for a better place, but fans and movie buffs can own a piece of memorabilia to remember by. An object that is as recognizable as the MI6 agent himself as the phrase “shaken, not stirred.”

Meet Chiappa Rhino, A Range Of Low Bore Axis Revolvers With A Set OF Usual Features

Laugo Arms Alien Pistol may have the “lowest bore axis in the world,” it is certainly not the only lowest bore axis small firearms. There is, in fact, a bunch of them, including Chiappa Rhino you see here today. Like the Alien, Chiappa Rhino range of revolvers stood out with its unique design.

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