Biofire Smart Gun With Facial Recognition Goes On Sale In The U.S.

Considering how gun security has been a major concern, it is a surprise that there hasn’t has a surefire biometric solution to prevent accidental shootings by children and prevent unauthorized use in the event of lost or stolen. While they have been all kinds of gun safes and even a biometric lock accessory for the …

High-Tech Trigger Gun Lock Unlocks Your Gun Using Fingerprint In 300 Milliseconds

Here’s a brilliant gadget for gun lovers. Called IDENTILOCK, this high-tech trigger lock for pistols is designed to prevent unauthorized access to your gun. It prevents your weapon from being used by anyone, including children, other than you without having to lock it away in a cumbersome gun safe.

CouchBunker – Bulletproof Couch and Gun Safe

you know Hollywood movies often portray people using couches to shield themselves against enemy fire? well, those are just bulls cos’ most firearms will just tear through the couches like papers – unless the couch in question is the CouchBunker. though the advertised bulletproof capability doesn’t come as standard – it is