The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part will not hit the theaters until February 2019, but already, it is drumming up its marketing efforts starting with a collaborative video. Not just any video though; it is an airline safety video made in collaboration with Turkish Airlines. Ha! Already it sounds like a ton of fun! As you may have imagined, the otherwise bland content is uplifted by the ensemble of tiny The LEGO Movie characters, lead by protagonist Emmet and Wyldstyle.

Turkish Airlines The LEGO Movie Safety Video

The duo, along with characters like Batman, Superman, Joker, Princess Unikitty and more, walks you through the standard airline safety briefing including, the seatbelt routine, the usual what you should and should not do, emergency procedure and whatnot. The result is an airline safety video that is not only not boring, but super entertaining. At least, it is entertaining and fun enough for me to watch it several times over. Oops. I actually did. Skip ahead for the said video.

Images: YouTube.

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