NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch

Most of us will probably not be able to witness the day human colonize the red planet but you can however own a piece of Mars, or more specifically, a timepiece of Mars within your lifetime – thanks to the NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch.

NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch

The NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch, designed by Col&MacArthur, is created in celebration of humanity’s advancements and exceptional achievements in space travel.

It is a NASA-approved timepiece that tells the story of the “Perseverance” NASA mission, the most recent Mars mission by the American space agency.

It is a timepiece fit for any space enthusiasts not just because it is Mars-themed and has an impressive Mars landscape in 3D for its dial but because the NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch is the only watch on Earth with Mars meteorites integrated.

NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch

The name of the watch is also of significance. Red, being the nickname of Mars (Red Planet) and 3.721 corresponds to the gravity of the planet observed during the NASA mission. This is oh so geeky, isn’t it?

This being officially supported by NASA watch, allows Interstellar and Col&MacArthur to incorporate Perservance branding as well as the iconic “meatball” logo on the timepiece.

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Moreover, authentic Martian dust extracted from a meteorite that crash-landed on Earth can be found encapsulated in the case at the 3 o’clock mark. The frame of this case is engraved with the coordinates (18°12’00”N-77°36’00”E) of the landing site, the “Jezero” crater. Very geeky, indeed.

NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch

If that’s not enough for you space nerds, the case back is engraved with the image of the rover’s parachute used to slow down its descent on the red dust.

Back to the front, the date of landing, “February 18, 2021”, is engraved on the bezel at the 12 o’clock mark to mark the milestone in the history of humanity. Plus, a binary code, both in numbers and markers, can be found on the dial that, I think, spell the date of the Mars landing. I could be wrong.

Anyhoo, this really a super geeky timepiece for any space nuts. It is worth noting that you will also receive a certificate of authenticity for the meteorite bits along with the watch.

NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch

The NASA x Interstellar Red 3.721 Watch was a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign. However, it is still available to order from Indiegogo InDemand. Prices start at €399 (or about US$401).

Images: Indiegogo (Interstellar Red).