Yes. It is Glock 19, complete with functional magazine, and it totally shoots. Perhaps most importantly, it is made mostly out of cardboard. You may have already heard of it, but for some of us here, it was a revelation. A realization that materials as simple as cardboard, papers, rubber bands, could replicate a real working pistol. Just imagine if you work it with a 3D printer with more solid materials like ABS, or even metals. Man, you could easily made a gun right in your home. Of course, the process is not as simple. Personally, I thought of crafting one myself, using cardboard, of course, but looking through the 15 minutes plus video, it sure looks like it takes some sort of talent to put together one. Patience is prerequisite too, if I may add.

Glock 19 With Magazine That Shoots Made With Cardboard

Lucky for those who are keen in replicating the same, YouTuber Blackfish have you covered by feeding you with the required templates. A check on YouTube, it looks like Blackfish isn’t alone in this. There are a bunch of folks doing similar projects. There’s even a cardboard sniper rifle too – complete with instructions on how you can made one for yourself. All those are, of course, non-powered. They are, after all, cardboards. While impressed. I do have concerns. Yes. These are harmless cardboard variety, but if you think about it, the blueprint, which you can probably easily obtained from the Internet, can be adapted to a solid metal version, or at least a plastic version, with some effort and hence, it can be quite dangerous, really.

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If you understand the basics of firearm’s working, you could even turn harmless ‘toys’ into real ballistic firing devices. Yikes. A scary prospect. Imagine anyone can produce homemade firearms right in their garage. Please pardon my overthinking.

Anyways, continue reading to catch the entire video.

Images: Blackfish.

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