seriously, we think a man shouldn’t wear any ring at all – less, you are married but still, we advise you not to but (and that’s a big but) if you really need to wear one, then make sure it is the Titanium Utility Ring by Booner Titanium Rings. dubbed as “The Man Ring”, this ring may not bear the power of the mythical Green Lantern power ring but it sure does offer you some handy (albeit, miniature) fold-out tools, including a comb (for the mustache, we supposed?), a straight blade, a bottle opener, a serrated blade and even a saw – packed into a 9mm-wide, brushed finish aerospace-grade titanium ring. if Victorinox ever make a ring, this is probably how it will look like. and oh, in case you are wondering, the ring size is customizable to your finger, so that it will most definitely fit your finger and there is also an option for engraving, though the individual titanium plate that made up the ring might affect how the engraving will turn out. The Man Ring: Titanium Utility Ring can be yours if you have $385 to spare. a few more look at the ring ‘in action’.

Etsy via Dude!!! I Want That…

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