From the maker who pretty much pioneered easy home craft beer brewing, PicoBrew, comes a new pro-grade, scalable brewing appliance called PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer Appliance. What makes the Z Series stands out is not just its datacenter-inspired scalability; it is the one appliance that also does cold brew coffee (!) and kombucha, and in batch sizes ranges from a gallon to 10 gallons (3.8-37.9L). Now, that, right there is scalability.

PicoBrew Z Series Pro Craft Beer Appliance

In addition, PicoBrew also highlight its PicoStill, a distilling appliance accessory that lets you distill in small batches of spirits safely, precisely and lets you extract essential oils from hops, herbs, and spices which you can then use to infuse into a range of food and beverages. With PicoBrew Z Series Pro Craft Beer Appliance you can craft your own beer using fresh ingredients to create your own creations, or choose from over 100 award-winning recipes available on BrewMarketplace (known as ZPaks) to brew fresh craft beer whenever you fancy.

PicoBrew Z Series Pro Craft Beer Appliance
PicoBrew Z Series Pro Craft Beer Appliance

If you do you own custom brews with your own ingredients, you can even distribute them as Paks and earn royalties from the distribution. Speaking of Paks, Z Series can also brew the same PicoPaks used by the consumer-grade Pico, sourced from more than 200 breweries worldwide. As mentioned earlier, it also does cold brew coffees and flavored kombucha too.

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While the PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer Appliance is a professional-grade appliance, it is not limited to small establishments; avid home brewers can acquire it – if they are willing to cough up $2,199 for a 2.5-gallon unit. In case you are curious, a 10-gallon setup will run you back at a cool $7,299.

In all, Z Series offers four setups in 2.5-gallon increment, namely, Z1 (2.5-gallon), Z2 (5.0-gallon), Z3 (7.5-gallon), and Z4 (10-gallon). The prices indicated are pre-order pricing. Eventually retail price starts at $2,500 and can reach as high as $8,500. Pre-order is on-going now with shipping expected to happen in Spring 2019.

PicoBrew Z Series Pro Craft Beer Appliance

All images courtesy of PicoBrew.

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