PicoBrew Unveiled A Countertop Brew Computer For Brewing Coffee, Tea, Beer And More

Are you a beverage lover who love beer as much as coffee and tea, and prefer to brew them yourself? Well, if so, PicoBrew has just the appliance for you. Called Pico MultiBrew Brewing Appliance, it is the countertop equivalent of the commercial-grade Z Series Craft Beer System we saw earlier this year.

PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer System Does Cold Brew Coffee Too

From the maker who pretty much pioneered easy home craft beer brewing, PicoBrew, comes a new pro-grade, scalable brewing appliance called PicoBrew Z Series Craft Beer Appliance. What makes the Z Series stands out is not just its datacenter-inspired scalability; it is the one appliance that also does cold brew coffee (!) and kombucha, and […]

Pico Is A Complete Automated Brewing System That Makes 5L Of Beer In 2 Hours

Holiday season means if you don’t stock up on beer stash, you will have a hard time getting some if they run out when most of the stores are closed. However, that’s a non-issue if you brew it yourself. Though so, home brewing is never an easy process. It can get quite messy at times. […]