Are you a beverage lover who love beer as much as coffee and tea, and prefer to brew them yourself? Well, if so, PicoBrew has just the appliance for you. Called Pico MultiBrew Brewing Appliance, it is the countertop equivalent of the commercial-grade Z Series Craft Beer System we saw earlier this year.

Billed as “a revolutionary kitchen countertops brewing appliance,” Pico MultiBrew Brewing Appliance blends the power of advanced software and hardware to let you brew high-quality coffee, tea, kombucha, beer, plus other speciality beverages like horchata “in various sizes without sacrificing taste or quality.”

Basically, it is your personal jack of all trade, or in this instance, brew, barista. It can brew anything from a single cup to a full carafe of coffee or tea to 5L keg of craft beer, giving you precise control over the brew through unique and customizable “brew programs” that are tailored to each type of coffee or roast.

You will be able to download a catalog of beverage recipes, choose the one that tickles your fancy and Pico will automatically run the process. As for ingredients, you can choose to use your own, or purchase a variety of fresh, speciality coffee beans, teas, and other dry ingredients packaged in PicoPaks from PicoBrew’s BrewMarketplace.

Like what it did with craft beers, Pico has partnered with craft roasters to provide the best coffee beans as well as develop custom recipes specifically for this machine. PicoBrew Pico MultiBrew Brewing Appliance will be available for pre-order this Fall with a yet-to-be-disclosed sticker.

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However, PicoBrew is expecting a “pricing in-line with other coffee makers.” In the meantime, you can learn more about this wonder appliance and also chip in what you will like brew at its website HERE.

Image: PicoBrew.

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