It’s no secret that LEGO bricks can be used to build almost anything, but one thing you probably don’t know is, the world’s most famous bricks can be used to make functional hand bags too. Yup. They sure can as we learn today. A Polish company called agabag is the go-to company for that sort of things.

agabag The Original Brick Bags

Claiming as “the original brick bags,” agabag makes bags of every imaginable styles using LEGO elements along with appropriate materials like PVC fabric, cotton satin lining et cetera. In addition to bags, they also made clutches, purses, bracelets and more.

Men are not left out. There are cuff links, bow ties – all made with LEGO bricks – too. Pretty cool stuff. I can already imagine myself adding my own bricks to spruce up the bags and purses, even though they run the risk of getting lost as I move along. Mind you, I am no lady, but already I am digging these LEGO bricks-made bags.

agabag The Original Brick Bags

The beauty of these brick bags is, not only they are unique on its own, but also because, you can customize it to your heart’s content to stand out from the crowd. Not as if many folks will be walking down the street with these items – especially given that they don’t come cheap. Not even remotely close.

We noticed the cheapest is a wallet. That can be yours in exchange for one George Washington note. The coolest of the bunch, The Brick Bag, starts at $580 and can cost as much as $790. Those are prices on par with designer’s items, but then again, I guess you can’t put a price to uniqueness.

Images: agabag.

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