Servo R25 Bluetooth Music Cellphone

With the proliferation of super affordable smartphones, one may question if there is still a market for non-smart, feature phone? Probably not, unless it doubles as fidget spinner, shaves facial hair, or perhaps, one that has a pair of true wireless earbuds (and charging case) and a power bank integrated into it. The latter is exactly what the Servo R25 Bluetooth Music Cellphone has to offer. It is the oddity of phones.

Servo R25 Bluetooth Music Cellphone

R25 takes on a traditional candy bar form factor, albeit one that is unusually thick, complete with a non-touch 2.8-inch color LCD display (240 x 320 pixels) that occupies half of the length, and the requisite number keypad. On it, you can also find a navigation D-pad of sort and various function keys including music control, access to functions and taking and rejecting/ending a call.

The thickness phone is not a poor design decision, btw. It is to accommodate a pair Bluetooth 5.0 true wireless earbuds and an enormous, removable 6,000 mAh capacity battery. Speaking of battery, R25 is also a power bank that is more than willing to share its juice with your other devices.

Servo R25 Bluetooth Music Cellphone

Unfortunately, though, its high-tech features is not complimented by high-tech radio. This thing still runs on 2G GSM which has been phased out by many countries at this point. Notwithstanding the outdated radio technology, R25 is still a dual SIM phone.

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Anywho, as the product name implies, it also a music phone, letting you play your digital music collection which you can store insides its meager 64 MB ROM and enjoy with the included Bluetooth 5.0 wireless earphones. Under the hood, it is powered by a chipset unfamiliar to us, a SC6531H, and backed by 64 MB RAM. It has a camera too, and there is also a built-in FM radio.

Rounding up the package is a memory card slot if you require more storage, a measly 0.3 MP rear facing camera and flash light. This is no doubt an “innovation” born out of China and I would have doubt of it being usable if not for a hands-on by Unbox Therapy. So, yeah, it is a real thing and yes, it is totally functional.

Though it is listed in the U.S. on Amazon, it appears to be unavailable at the time of this post. However, if you are so incline, you can pick up one or even a few from Alibaba and AliExpress. Depending on how many you intend to acquire, the Servo R25 Bluetooth Music Cellphone can cost as low as $15.

Images: AliExpress.

Source: YouTube (Unbox Therapy).