Corridor Digital Marvel R-Rated Scenes

In the bid to appeal to more moviegoers (read: the underage), there had been only a handful of R-rated movies based on Marvel Comics while the rest were pretty much PG-rated. That said, have you ever thought about what if Marvel popular superhero movies (read: the Avengers bunch) were R-rated? You know, like Deadpool movies were? No? Come on. I am sure you had, at some point, imagine what if gore were not omitted.

Wait. Is it just me? Never mind. Very likely it is just me. Anywho, in case you ever had that thought, well then, your burning curiosity can finally lay to rest. The special effect folks over at Corridor Digital has took it upon themselves to reimagine some of the scenes and crank them up a couple of notches in the gore department. In fact, they had turned mildly violent scenes into full-on gory scenes.

It requires a lot of expertise and dedication to get it done, but they did it anyways, and the result was… well, lets just say that, they were the Marvel movies I would love to watch. Go head and have a look at video embedded below. If you prefer to skip the run up to the final results, you can jump to 13:55 for the main event. I bet after watching Corridor Digital’s version, you will never look at the Avengers the same way again.

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Image: YouTube (Corridor Crew).