Hasbro Celebrates 20 Years Of Marvel Legends With Special Captain America Figure

Not sure if you guys have heard. Captain America is 80 years old this year and also, the toy line, Marvel Legends, is celebrating its 20th anniversary. To mark Marvel Legends’ 20 years as a line, Hasbro will be releasing some 20th-anniversary figures.

Marvel Shared Hawkeye Original Series Official Trailer And It Sure Looks Hella Fun

It was sad to know that Clint Barton aka Hawkeye is never getting his own standalone movie. But as a consolation, not only the expert archer of Avengers has his own chapter in the video game, he now has his own series. I know right? It’s about god damn time, Marvel.

At Over 3 Minutes, Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Feels More Like A Trailer

This is it, folks. The official teaser trailer for the third Tom Holland Spider-Man movie is out. But really, the supposed teaser felt a lot like a full-fledged trailer. At a little over 3 minutes, the Spider-Man: No Way Home Teaser Trailer has a lot to offer, including the possibility of the multiverse (damn it, …

Marvel Studios’ Eternals Final Trailer Revealed New Villain

Just months after dropping the teaser trailer, Marvel has shared the final trailer of Eternals. And oh, did it has quite some spoilers! So, spoilers-hater, you can turn around now and enjoy the abundance of Marvel-related topics and entertainment stuff we have here.

Marvel Will Sell You Anything, Including A Box That Just Churns Out Sound Effects

You have heard of Miami Sound Machine… Wait, no? Too young, huh? Never mind because there is the Paladone Marvel Sound Effects Machine. But it is definitely not a band playing Mos Eisley Cantina Band music. Wait. Different Disney’s company? Damn it, Disney. You own too many things we love! Ugh.

New LEGO Minifigure Blind Bags Features 12 Characters From Marvel Series On Disney+

[Spoiler ahead] Fans of Marvel series on Disney+ will be elated to know that LEGO has revealed its next collectible minifigures set. The LEGO 71031 Minifigures Marvel Studios, as it is officially referred to, contains 12 new minifigures inspired by characters from the first four Marvel series, namely, WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, …

Wolverine 1/6 Scale Figure – Limited Edition SDCC Variant: Meme You Can Play With!

Remember the one time Wolverine was sad because, Jean Grey and Cyclops, were a thing? That was from 1993’s episode of X-Men: The Animated Series, which became a meme with folks unleashing their creativity with different picture in the frame Wolvie was holding. Fast forward to 2021, this meme-making scene is to be immortalized by …