Celebrate The 60th Anniversary Of The X-Men With This Epic 5-Pack Action Figures

Heroes would not have existed if there aren’t any villains. Having said that, I guess you could say villains are what make superheroes. For the 60th anniversary, Hasbro and Marvel decided to give these catalysts of the birth of heroes the opportunity to shine, no wait, I meant to be collected, starting with the Hasbro …

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Will Be On Disney+ On Nov 25, Meanwhile, Here’s The Trailer

When Star-Lord aka Peter Quill was abducted from Earth by Yondu Udonta, he was just eight and Kevin Bacon’s Footloose was a hit. So it is only natural that his crew would want to cheer him up with… no, not a copy of Footloose film but with the star himself, Kevin Bacon.

LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76210) Appeared At LEGO Certified Store In Indonesia

There is no question that the LEGO Marvel Hulkbuster (76105) from 2018 was a complete disaster. But to be fair, that ain’t a UCS set to begin. It was pretty good for a kid’s toy. For those who have been clamoring for a “UCS” version of the hulk-ass kicking suit of Tony Stark as since …

Here’s The Official Trailer For Black Panther: Wakanda Forever (Warning: Spoilers)

You saw the teaser back in July but that did not tell us much asides from T’Challa is no longer with the Wakandans. Now, the new official trailer offers more details that will have some spoilers, so this is the time to skip this post if you are super anal about spoilers.