Well, I never thought it was possible, but here it is the world’s first wearable blood pressure monitor from Omron (not to be confused with the robotic Ping Pong coach). At a glance, the Omron HeartGuide looks like a regular smartwatch, but it really isn’t. In it, is a built in blood pressure monitor, complete with an inflatable oscillometric blood pressure cuff, like the one you’d find in a doctor’s office, built into the watch strap. With it, you can conveniently monitor your blood pressure without the need for cumbersome equipment, anytime, anywhere.

Because of this inflatable cuff thingy, it is also the first smartwatch that has sizing. As of now, only medium is available, but Omron said ‘medium’ fits around 75 percent of individuals. However, if ‘medium’ doesn’t do it for you, large and small sizes will be available later this year. But why a wearable blood pressure monitor? Because, stroke events and heart disease are often preventable if we know our blood condition. So, yeah, it could be a life-saving thing.

Omron HeartGuide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor
HeartGuide serves a fitness tracker too.

Apart blood pressure, HeartGuide is able to pick up other data too, including steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories burned, as well as pulse rate and sleep quality, plus it also function as a regular smartwatch that will let you in on notifications for texts, calls and whatnot. As far as readings go, HeartGuide can hold up to 100 readings onboard while all readings can be transferred to a new companion app, HeartAdvisor, for review, comparison and treatment optimization.

Omron HeartGuide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

HeartAdvisor is as important as the watch itself. It is “a proprietary digital health platform helps users better understand their condition, build a more productive dialogue with their doctor and gain access to real-time heart health coaching to act on their blood pressure numbers.” Data stored in HeartAdvisor can then be shared with your physician who can then use them to access your health.

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Omron HeartGuide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor has recently received 510K FDA clearance as a medical device and it is now available on Omron Healthcare at $499.

Omron HeartGuide Wearable Blood Pressure Monitor

Images: Omron Healthcare.

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