Novatel MiFi Liberate

Novatel MiFi Liberate
Novatel MiFi Liberate | US$tba |

MiFi. a technology that seem to have faded into the oblivion ever since most newer gadgets are mobile network-ready or provided with wireless hotspot capability to support other devices that doesn’t. for those who are unaware, MiFi is a compact wireless routers that act as mobile WiFi hotspots letting mobile phone or tablet connect and share an Internet access. you must be asking, ‘with 3G/4G LTE available readily on most devices, why would anyone need a MiFi anymore, much less one with a beautiful touchscreen stuck to it?’ one scenario that we could think of is, the 3G/4G LTE limit of data transfer on certain phones that limits the size of the content users could download Novatel MiFi Liberate which a device like the MiFi could help to overcome. though it is also worthy to note there are still many tablets, current and upcoming, that are WiFi only models and as such, a MiFi would definitely be beneficial for these devices. anyway, the Novatel MiFi Liberate is the world’s first mobile hotspot equipped with a touchscreen display and offers fast 4G LTE connectivity for up to 10 devices. so what’s up with the touchscreen on a MiFi, you asked? firstly and foremost, it won’t let do the things you are accustomed to with touchscreen devices but it will however, let you check your data usage, manage the connected devices, change settings, enable MiFi Media Center, and among the many others. in short, it will make you look sharp and pro while offering Internet access to whoever or wherever. no word on the pricing or availability but the only hint from Novatel is “experience MiFi 2 soon, with the all new MiFi Liberate by AT&T…” in the meantime, you can read more about the Novatel MiFi Liberate HERE.

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