Canon fan may recall Canon’s first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the Canon EOS M and would most certainly recall the reviews wasn’t as favorable and might have even halted the purchase indefinitely. well, perhaps, it is time to re-look at this mirrorless offering, but at the newly announced Canon EOS M2 and as the name suggests, it is the successor to the original M, featuring a handful of changes that, hopefully, would be for the better. but we are sure they will, no? key differentiating feature of this updated version from its predecessor is the Hybrid CMOS II sensor, as found in the EOS 100D/SL1, offering faster autofocus (2.3x, to be specific), built-in WiFi, plus some subtle changes to the body design, including a redesigned mode dial and a slightly smaller by volume.

other features include 3x-10x digital zoom, relocated stereo microphones (to the front of the camera), faster continuous shooting speed at 4.6 fps, and a larger phase detection area (by about 80% overall). the Canon EOS M2 Mirrorless Camera will be sold in body-only, or in kits with one (18-55mm kit), two (EF 18-55mm + EF-M 22mm) or three (EF-M 18-5mm, EF-M 22mm + EF-M 11-22mm) EF-M lenses. as of now, it is unlikely that the Canon EOS M2 Mirrorless Camera, which was actually announced in Japan, be available outside of the Land of the Rising Sun. as for the prices, body-only will have a price tag of 64,800 Yen (about US$630) and the 18-55mm kit has a sticker of 84,800 Yen (around US$830), while the two and three lens kit will retail for 104,800 Yen and 134,800 Yen (roughly US$1,020 and US$1,311), respectively.

Canon via DP Review

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