Parrot announced new MINIKIT+ Bluetooth Hands-free Kit

Parrot MINIKIT Plus 900x600px
(image: PARROT) Parrot MINIKIT+ Bluetooth Hands-free Kit | US$tba |

Bluetooth is the connectivity of choice when it comes to hands-free voice calling while driving. while there are many in-dash units that support such functionality, there are still some that doesn’t. that’s where the Parrot MINIKIT+ Bluetooth Hands-free Kit comes into play. this unobtrusive gadget is capable of hooking to two phones simultaneously and uses voice recognition to call a contact. other features include the usual accepting or rejecting calls with voice command, listen to your music or navigation commands, automatic switch on when you enter the car and storing of up to 20,000 contacts in the kit’s memory. the Ultra Low Power Mode saves you the trouble of recharging for up to 6-month long. a little along the line of Apple’s Siri but only a little less powerful. however, it should be sufficed for anyone looking for hands-free communication while driving. the Parrot MINIKIT+ Bluetooth Hands-free Kit is slated to hit the stores this November, though no pricing was indicated. judging from it’s predecessor pricing, it safe to say it wouldn’t be cheap. a few more look at this gadget after the break.
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