Leica Announced Availability Of Leica S3 Medium Format System With Pro-level Price (Of Course!)

Forget about what people say about pixel doesn’t matter. The truth is, it doesn’t hurt to have more pixels. And hurt it does not with the 64 MP 30 x 45 mm sensor found on the Leica S3 Medium Format System.

Sony Alpha 7R IV: The World’s First Camera With 61MP Full-frame Back-illuminated Sensor

Forget what people say about megapixel is not everything because, you are not going to ignore the new Sony Alpha 7R IV that packs a whopping 61.0 MP. The Sony Alpha 7R IV is the Japanese electronics maker’s highest resolute full-frame camera ever and the world’s first camera with the world’s first 61.0 MP back-illuminated […]

After Gilding iPhones, Brikk Wants to Cover Nikon Df in 24K Yellow Gold Too

gilding phones, iPhones in particular, is not breaking news anymore. we have seen Gold Genie, Amosu, Brikk and the likes doing it, but doing the same thing to a DSLR is, well, news for now and that’s precisely what LA-based Brikk will be offering this October. the camera that gets the honor of being covered […]

Pentax’s K-S1 DSLR Has An Illuminated Body That Lets You Know The Shooting Mode

when you really think about it, the design of a DSLR chassis has somewhat reach its peak. in another word, there aren’t much to tweak, but to Pentax, there is just a couple more things to add to its K-S1 that will sure to make it stands out from the competitions. it has an illuminated […]

Lytro Illum Light Field Camera

the idea behind Light Field Camera is awesome, but despite the technology it has, an oblong tube that doesn’t quite look like a camera didn’t quite catch on with shutterbugs. more than two years on, it is back with a more camera-like form, packing specs that betters the original. besides a radical, futuristic but nevertheless […]

Canon EOS M2 Mirrorless Camera

Canon fan may recall Canon’s first mirrorless interchangeable lens camera, the Canon EOS M and would most certainly recall the reviews wasn’t as favorable and might have even halted the purchase indefinitely. well, perhaps, it is time to re-look at this mirrorless offering, but at the newly announced Canon EOS M2