Forget about what people say about pixel doesn’t matter. The truth is, it doesn’t hurt to have more pixels. And hurt it does not with the 64 MP 30 x 45 mm sensor found on the Leica S3 Medium Format System.

First announced back in 2018 at Photokina, Leica has announced its market release of the Leica S3 Medium Format System. The new 64 MP sensor developed exclusively for Leica touts a 71 percent increase in resolution over its predecessor and the 30 x 45 mm sensor, while retaining the same 3:2 aspect ratio of the 35 mm full-frame format, has a 56 percent larger sensor area.

The entire area of sensor is not limited for videoing in FHD; it can, for the first time, used to record in 4K cinema resolution – including the characters medium format look, and in 48 kHz, 16-bit stereo sound with automatic or manual level adjustment, recorded by the integrated or an external microphone.

Leica S3 Medium Format System Camera

The sensor is bolstered by a dynamic range of 15 f-stops and a maximum ISO sensitivity setting of 50,000 which allows the Leica S3 performance in any imaginable lighting conditions.

Other essentials include Leica Maestro II processor, a 2 GB buffer memory, tethered shooting mode with Leica Image Shuttle app, USB 3.0 interface, GPS function, WLAN module, a 3.0-inch monitor with Corning Gorilla Glass cover plate, solid stainless steel lens bayonet, and a magnesium construction with a copious amount of seals that keeps out moisture, dust and other debris, and making it a trusty pro-shooter for on-location shoots.

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The Leica S3 Medium Format System Camera is available as of March 6, 2020, along with a professional starting price of $18,955.

Leica S3 Medium Format System Camera

All images courtesy of Leica Camera Inc..

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