Drone. It is versatile invention that can be adapted to almost anything imaginable. From flying flamethrower (here, here and here) to handgun – both real and Airsoft to even chainsaw. Hell, it can even aid in skiing too if the drone is powerful enough. While we may not agree with some of the drone contraptions, one thing we can agree on is, a NERF FPV attach drone needs to happen.

Created by Wren of Corridor Digital, this custom made, with 3D-printed parts uses a DJI controller for control. It comes outfitted with a FPV camera, a custom fitted form dart shooting mechanism and a custom NERF magazine well that will accept standard NERF N-Strike Stryfe magazine.

The result was pretty impressive. Now, I know some may be wondering. Isn’t Corridor Digital is a FX outfit? Yes. They are. In fact, we have featured a bunch of their works here, but this particular Corridor Digital video ain’t no FX. It is as real as you and me. Well, unless you aren’t real. In that, that statement wouldn’t hold.

Anywho… have a look at the overview of the build and also the final showdown between Wren and his Custom NERF FPV Attack Drone and Jan, Corridor Digital’s cinematographer/resident “deadly NERF” warrior.

Images: YouTube (Corridor Digital).

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