Airsoft Assault Drone with Glock G18C

Remember the flying assault weapon? Well, you don’t need to imagine how terrifying it is to have a such a weapon. Just take a look at Airsoft Assault Drone with a Full-auto Glock G18C and your worst fear is confirmed.

Created by YouTube channel Silo Entertainment, Airsoft Assault Drone with a Full-auto Glock G18C is claimed as the first in an Airsoft battle and not surprisingly, it completely dominates the Airsoft battle.

Many call it out as cheating simply because, there’s no way you can call a hit for a drone, but you can’t deny the beauty of it. The beauty here is, of course, the drone is FPV and it was deployed by a team comprising of a sniper and a drone pilot which, as one @jpcax188723, makes it feel like it is Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon.

This may be a harmless Airsoft battle, but it also gives us an eery peek into the future of warfare. So, should I say, ‘welcome to the future?’ Maybe it is.

Images: YouTube (Silo Entertainment).