Well, what do you know? Apparently, the harbinger of death from up above, the quirky flying assault rifle drone proposed by Russian arms manufacturer Almaz-Antey, has at least one functioning example. In a pair of videos posted a year ago, on March 28, 2018, it shows the Almaz-Antey’s “experimental prototype combat drones violator” in action.

Almaz-Antey Flying Assault Rifle Drone Videos

From the videos, we now know it was a VTOL (Vertical Takeoff and Landing). The “bulbs” shown in drawings submitted in the patent filed each house an electric motors and remember the large vertical stabilizers? Well, as it turns out, they also serve as landing feet. The prototype weapon looks like a page lifted off Iron Sky (2012, Entertainment One) and The Asylum’s Nazis at the Center of the Earth from 2012.

Almaz-Antey Flying Assault Rifle Drone Videos

In one of the videos, it shows the unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) zooming across the clear blue sky at speeds and also popped a balloon in midair. Well, that kind of established its capability and suddenly, this “flying assault rifle” wasn’t wacky anymore. Now, it is not clear what is the AR packed inside the truss-style airframe. However, we hear from our source that it was an “autoloading smooth-bore” Carbine Vepr-12 Hummer, a Kalashnikov machine gun-based weapon.

Almaz-Antey Flying Assault Rifle Drone Videos
Oh, look. It can be used as a regular firearm too.

In another video, it was shown with the wings removed and used as a hand-held weapon. Yes. You heard that right. Apparently, it totally can do that. That’s kind of unsettling, isn’t it? I can almost imagine this contraption will change how battles are going to be found. I am not talking about one or two of these, btw.

Almaz-Antey Flying Assault Rifle Drone Videos
A glimpse of the underside of the drone.

Looking at the vehicle, it is safe to assume it should be relatively cheap to make and if so, then we’d be looking at the possibility of deploying them droves (like thousands), swamping into the battlefield and raining leads down on enemy troops. After that, they can even serve as weapons for foot soldiers who somehow have lost their assault rifles. Arms replenishment in battlefield changed forever. We noticed that it might be flown in FPV. Crazy.

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Images: YouTube [1] [2].

Source: Defence Blog.

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