Ken Block is more than a professional rally car driver. He is also synonymous with Gymkhana, a series of automotive action movies. Gymkhana in this instance, for those who don’t already know, does not involve horses. Though it always involved a lot of horsepowers. For the longest time, the star machines of Ken Block’s Gymkhana were internal combustion engine vehicles, be it a pickup truck or a car, but recently, things took an electrifying turn.

Ken Block Audi S1 HOONITRON Las Vegas

For his latest Gymkhana video, Block piloted an entirely bespoke machine developed and built by Audi, known as the Audi S1 HOONITRON. As the name implies, Audi S1 HOONITRON is a fully electric car, making this latest Gymkhana, well, the first-ever Electrikhana. This isn’t Ken’s first rodeo with an electric vehicle, btw. But it should be his first Gymkhana with an electric vehicle.

Anyhoo, the Audi S1 HOONITRON is an all-wheel-drive bi-motor race car built on an 800-volt architecture. The vehicle was developed and assembled at Audi Sport in Neckarsulm, and styled by Audi Design taking cues from an Audi icon.

Ken Block Audi S1 HOONITRON Las Vegas

For the first-ever Electrikhana film, the US rally car driver and drift artist took the Audi S1 HOONITRON to the streets of Sin City, Las Vegas, drifting past the replicas of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, made a spectacular jump from the parking deck of a neighboring hotel, and making donuts. All the while, engulfing the car in thick white smoke

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You can have a look at the entire proceeding in the video below, followed by a behind the scene video after the jump.

Images: Audi [US].

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