Ken Block Climbkhana TWO Video

Good news. Gymkhana TEN wasn’t the last of Ken Block’s tire-shredding video and also, Pikes Peak wasn’t the first and last of Climbkhana either. It is a good thing because, now we have the second installment of Climbkhana.

Petrol heads get really excited because, Ken Block’s Climbkhana TWO is here! This time, Block and Hoonigan shipped the Hoonitruck off to deep inside of China, to a place called Tianmen Mountain (literally translated to Heaven’s Gate Mountain) in Zhangjiajie in the northwestern part of Hunan Province.

Tianmen Mountain was where Block and his trusty 914 HP Ford F-150 took on the China’s most dangerous roads that apparently has “99 deadly turns.” I imagined Block was smiling at the prospect of tackling those notorious hairpins.

Anywho, if you think Tianmen Mountain kind of familiar, well, that’s because Land Rover shot a Ranger Rover Sport commercial there last year. Yes. It was that heavenly place on Earth. And no, the team did not attempt to ascend the stairs like the Range Rover did.

This being Gymkhana/Climbkhana, it is way more thrilling than that. Be prepared to let you senses assaulted by a screaming Ford truck and the breathtaking scenery of the Heaven’s Gate Mountain. Keep going for the video.

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Images: Facebook (@KenBlockRacing)/YouTube (Hoonigan).