Ebo Smart Robot Companion For Cats

Not every cat is like Garfield. If anything, most cats, if not all, are the opposite of the world’s famous lazy cat. They like to have fun and you, the owner, being away is not quite fun for the cat, is it? But fret not, you busy bee cat owner because, Ebo Smart Robot Companion for Cats is here to help.

Ebo is an adorable, round robot with wheels that lets you monitor and communicate with your feline friend while you are away, and it will also keep it entertained by luring it to chase after it (it’s a cat thing). Think of it as the Sphero for cats, except this “cat version” is a lot smarter.

Ebo Smart Robot Companion For Cats

It can autonomously interact with your cat by moving, rolling and even dancing. However, you can remotely control Ebo to play with your cat from anywhere in the world. There’s a FHD camera for streaming live video with audio to the Ebo app. There’s built in speaker too, thus letting you speak to your lovely cat.

“Ebo can be scheduled for set play time and has multiple play styles, like lazy, hyper, and active. It has a collision sensor, obstacle avoidance, and takes a 360° scan of the play area. It automatically returns to its dock when playtime is over or it needs to charge, and the pro version includes adaptive AI to learn with your cat for creative exercise routines. Ebo also includes an activity tracking collar to keep track of health metrics and activity”

Ebo Smart Robot Companion For Cats

There is also a built-in low intensity laser so you can make your flurry friend play catch-the-laser-dot at home or remotely from anywhere, and record footage and capture photos for sharing.

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If you are sold by the idea, you may want to pick up the Ebo Smart Robot Companion For Cats from Kickstarter for 1,235 Hong Kong dollars or more (about US$158 or more). The campaign is already funded (in fact, it is, at the time of this post, 3259 percent funded).

Not only it is funded, Enabot, the company behind Ebo, is already in the process of production just so backers of the Christmas version will be able to receive it in December 2019. As for the rest, they will be delivered sometime in March 2020. Keep going for the product pitch video.

All images courtesy of Enabot.

Submitted via TIP US Page.