Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton for Outdoor Adventure

How much of the great outdoors you can see and experience is limited by how far you can hike on your legs without overexerting and wearing yourself out. But if you leverage technology such as the Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton, you may go further and even faster. Exoskeleton is not new—obviously; it has seen uses in various industries, including the automobile industry but as far as exoskeleton for personal use, it is fairly new.

Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton for Outdoor Adventure

However, the Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton is not the first but it sure beats competitions like Hypershell GoX and ProX in compactness and price. It is so compact one may be skeptical if it will even function as advertised. But if it has been put through the paces by CNET’s Lexy Savvides, then I guess all is good. Maybe? However, these days, I prefer MKBHD to do the review because this man is brutally honest.

So yeah, a personal exoskeleton—specifically one designed for outdoor adventure — is not only real; it is compact, weighing just 1.6 kilograms (3.53 pounds), and somewhat affordable.

Described as the “zenith of robotic exoskeleton”, the Dnsys X1 Exoskeleton’s motors deliver 1.2 horses (900 W) and 40 nm per kg (29.5 lb-ft/lb) of torque that promise to reduce up to 38 kilograms (83.8 pounds) of load, save the user up to 50% energy, and make sprints up to 27 km/h — that is more than double a regular person can run and as fast as trained athletes.

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Like so many modern gadgets released in the last year or so, Dnsys X1 benefits from AI machine learning to anticipate your next move, offering instant optimal walking assistance. The Dnsys X1 is pretty much a pedal assist for walking.

When equipped, it empowers you to walk effortlessly, run faster, and climb with ease. In short, it boosts your endurance so you can explore and experience more of what the wilderness has to offer.

A removable battery pack juices the motors and provides over 25 kilometers (15.5 miles) of range.

I am convinced it will function as intended. The only question I have is how durable it is. Anyways, if the idea sells to you, you may want to consider pledging for a product on Kickstarter where Dnsys X1 is being crowdfunded. The campaign is on its final leg. Not surprisingly, the campaign is very well received.

It has rolled in over a million dollars in funding from more than 1,400 backers. So, yeah, a pledge for a product is a pre-order. All that is left to do now is for Dnsys to fulfill the orders. Delivery to backers will be as soon as July 2024.

As for the price, the affordable versions are mostly sold out – including the 399 USD unit for super early bird. However, at the time of this post, a unit of the Dnsys X1 Lite going for 499 USD remains. If that is gone, you are looking at US$599 or more for the Dnsys X1 Carbon. The campaign has 5 days to go.

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Images: Dnsys.