If you have already gotten your small canine or feline friend to the Dark Side with the Death Star Pet Cave, then it is only fitting that your furry four-legged pal gets to eat from the Star Wars Darth Vader Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. No, it is not of Darth Helmet, that would be blasphemous. You don’t eat from your boss’ head, do you? While it may not be the overused Sith Lord’s helmet, it is still highly recognizable as the supreme commander of the Imperial force – thanks to the foreboding Dark Side armor, featuring the iconic chest box buttons (but not lighted, unfortunately).

Star Wars Darth Vader Stainless Steel Dog Bowl

On the inside, it is of stainless steel which should make cleaning up a breeze. It is just a super sleek, Darth Vader-theme bowl for serving food or water to your pooch (but I am sure it can be used by cats too). It will not make heavy breathing, though and no, there will be no Imperial March anthem playing in loop either. The Star Wars Darth Vader Stainless Steel is from the Petco Exclusive Star Wars Pet Fans Collection and it is available, you guessed it, Petco at a heavily discounted price of $4.98. Yup. You heard that right. Only four dollars ninety-eight.

That’s 56 percent shaved from its $9.99 asking price, btw. As always, don’t say we did not let you in on this amazing deal and no, we are no affiliated with Petco. You are safe to acquire it without us benefiting. There. You happy? You cruel bunch. Nah, just kidding. Enjoy the discount while it lasts.

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Images: Petco.

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