Wearable Cardboard Darth Vader Costume Is An Affordable Way Of Cosplaying The Sith Lord

Japanese stationery company Showa Note not only makes school supplies. Apparently, it also make wearable cardboard costumes. I know. That is strangely unrelated, but I guess that’s Japanese company for all of us. Much to our embarrassment, we only found out about this only after reading about the wearable cardboard samurai costumes. Anywho, the Wearable […]

Star Wars The Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader Figure Pre-order

Here’s a new release from Hasbro that nobody talk about: Star Wars The Black Series Hyperreal Darth Vader Figure. The most recognizable good-guy-turn-bad-guy-then-back-to-good-guy character, the Sith Lord himself, Lord Vader from the original Star Wars trilogy has gotten its deserving Black Series treatment and dare we say, in a pretty stunning fashion.

Authentic Star Wars Darth Vader Costume Could Fetch $2M At Auction

They say money can’t buy happiness. But what if, just what if, owning one of the handful of Darth Vader costume produced in 1979 for the movie, Star Wars: Episode V – Empire Strikes Back, makes you very happy. Well, in that case, I would say being rich is a must for you to be […]

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Kettle: Force Not Included

Obviously, the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader, doesn’t drink tea. In fact, he does not even ingest solid food. His life is dependant on the life-support armor that feeds his body with nutrient fluids. And so, clearly, this man needs no kettle, even it is one that is designed to look like his iconic helmet, […]

We Did Not See LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle Coming, But It Is

Well, I sure did not see this coming. LEGO has been turning out many Star Wars play sets that immortalized iconic scenes. The most recent set, Betrayal at Cloud City, will not be the last. I am expecting more iconic scenes from the Star Wars movies getting the LEGO treatment down the road, but I […]

Why 3D-Print A Darth Vader Bust When Papercraft Will Do Too?

Indeed. The Darth Vader and Stormtrooper you see here are not 3D-printed like one would have expected. Believe it or not, they are made entirely of paper in an extremely cool low-poly style as some 3D-printed versions have to offer. Super cool, right? Perfect acquisition for those who don’t have the budget for Hot Toys […]

Let You Pooch Into The Dark Side With This Darth Vader Dog Bowl

If you have already gotten your small canine or feline friend to the Dark Side with the Death Star Pet Cave, then it is only fitting that your furry four-legged pal gets to eat from the Star Wars Darth Vader Stainless Steel Dog Bowl. No, it is not of Darth Helmet, that would be blasphemous. […]

Concept TIE-X Fighter Makes TIE Fighter Looks Truly Very Alien-ish

While many car designers work on outrageous car designs they couldn’t present to the board in the real-world, one Canadian automotive designer, Jason Battersby, who makes a living designing automobile for Audi, choose to take on the sci-fi route during his free time. Instead of turning out concepts that stays on the ground, Jason has […]

The Force Will Not Make You Fit, But These Star Wars Fitness Equipment Will

This is it. Onnit Labs has done it again. It has once again pull a movie tie-in for its fitness equipment and this time round, you will be getting some pretty sleek Star Wars-themed fitness hardware. Now, geeks are lesser known for their inclination to exercise, but with these awesome fitness equipment, even even the […]