Comments: Do You Consider Yourself An Adult

Gone are the days of staying up past midnight to complete a school assignment and sitting at the back of a lecture to take a quick nap. Everyone hits a moment of realization at some point where they realize they are no longer a kid. It’s a realization that adulthood has hit, and it hits hard. It is not necessarily related to age, as some people take longer to realize that adulthood has hit. For some, this is tied to moving away from home for the first time. For others, it could come with learning how to use a corkscrew properly. Here are a few things that could make some people realize that they have hit the independent adulthood stage of life.

Setting Goals

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Some say there are three goals tied to becoming an adult. These goals are taking responsibility for your actions, making independent decisions and financial independence. Note there is a difference between emotional and financial independence. While setting and achieving these goals could mean adulthood for some, there is also the undeniable factor that these do not happen overnight. They require patience and some trial and error.

Managing Time

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There are many distractions in day-to-day endeavors. There is a connection between technology and time-management as something that can both assist and detriment managing one’s time. There are many tools and apps which can be used to manage one’s time, but there are even more distractions thanks to gaming and social media, to name two. Focus and organization take a certain level of maturity that is more common in adults.

Monthly Payments

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Adulthood is often synonymous with increased financial responsibility. This includes phone bills, rent or mortgage payments, as well as paying for a car and one’s vacations. Once you have a car, it’s important to look into the best car insurances that go along with it. You can read up on the metromile review as one example of cost-effective car insurance.


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For some cooking comes naturally, and others not so much. Learning how to cook is a skill that requires practice, and a bit of talent. Anyone can put together a bowl of cereal, but not everyone can cook a steak that doesn’t taste like you’re chewing on a tire. Being able to cook is a sure sign of your independence as an adult. Luckily, there are a lot of videos and cookbooks online that will help speed the cooking process along.

These are just a few factors that can make someone identify as an adult. Others could include more menial events such as owning and using a drill set, knowing how to change a tire, putting one’s furniture together, learning how to budget (as well as sticking to it) and so on. The list can endlessly go on. Just remember, becoming an adult is different from feeling like an adult. You could be of legal age under the law, but inside you can still feel like a kid. Adulthood is a process, and everyone’s timeline is different. It’s natural that there will be a few failures and some burnt food along the way.

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