To be honest, I have no idea if I should file this under ‘Living, Camping’ or ‘Autos, Cars’ because, New Zealander Gavin Shoebridge’s ( kitchen-in-trunk is part car mod, part camping hack, or something of sort. So, yeah. Gavin did something almost unimaginable here: he actually installed a fully functional kitchen into the back of his electric car. And mind you, he did it on a car, not a van. Or should we say, a very, very tiny electric car. The very, very tiny electric car here is a 2011 Peugeot iOn which, if you think about it, is quite a feat in itself given the size Gavin has to work with. I mean, seriously, there was clearly no luxury of space like a van or SUV has.

The good thing about an EV is, even sacrificing space for the mobile kitchen, he’d still have space under the hood for whatever small suitcase(s) he may want to bring along on his adventure. What spurred now-Slovakia-based Gavin to so this is, his love for camping and the desire to have the creature comfort he have when he is at home. The creature comfort here, in Gavin’s perspective is, of course, a fully-functional kitchen because, he is not so much of a fan of ‘camping food’. Anywho, the MacGyver in him got to work and the result is a trunk equipped a tiny kitchen countertop with sink fashioned out of a stainless steel bowl, complete with faucet, fresh water supply and waste water containment, a micro-size refrigerator and rounding up with a single-burner stove.

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It appears that it has a couple of small storage spaces in there too. Sweet. While functional, it actually looks like something children would get excited over, if you know what I mean. Though we are not sure if having a fire-based stove out in the back of a car is a good idea. That said, I think Gavin may need to consider putting a hood in there cos’ it will be same to coat the beautiful interior with oil residue. Just saying… You can read about Gavin’s tiny kitchen-in-the-trunk HERE, or if you prefer moving images, skip ahead for the video. Try to keep your jaw up, will ya?

Image: YouTube.

via Lost At E Minor.

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