Kiwi Dude Cramped A Tiny, Working Kitchen Inside A Peugeot iOn’s Trunk

To be honest, I have no idea if I should file this under ‘Living, Camping’ or ‘Autos, Cars’ because, New Zealander Gavin Shoebridge’s ( kitchen-in-trunk is part car mod, part camping hack, or something of sort. So, yeah. Gavin did something almost unimaginable here: he actually installed a fully functional kitchen into the back of […]

Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture

you know what is plaguing today’s kitchen? clutter. that’s what. these necessary evils, including fridge, storage cabinets, dishwasher, microwave oven, cooktop et cetera, all constitutes to the clutter. however you try tidying it, it will still be clutter. that is the problem which the Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture aims to eliminate.

the world’s first music kitchen cabinet from Harman Kardon

fancy listening to quality sound reproduction while whipping up a delicious meal? if Dutch firm D’Andrea & Evers Design has their way, you can probably do so in near future. introducing the…