you know what is plaguing today’s kitchen? clutter. that’s what. these necessary evils (and sometimes luxury), including fridge, storage cabinets, dishwasher, microwave oven, cooktop et cetera, all constitutes to the clutter. however you try tidying it, it will still be clutter. that is the problem which the Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture aims to eliminate. the patented ‘Stealth’ technology will not help your kitchen evade radar sweeps, but it will turn your kitchen into a clean, minimalist one – when not in use, of course. however, the mess you made in the process of whipping up a meal for a party is something that has no known mortal cure.

the innovative modular design opens up to to a fully functional kitchen with a host of high-end kitchen amenities, ranging from refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, sink, counter space and an abundant of storage. the amenities are kept concealed behind a wall of cabinetry, which is available in a variety wood and lacquer finishes to blend in with the surroundings, until they need to be used. there are several ‘Stealth Modules’ to choose from to suit your needs and the size you want. basically, what you can pack into your kitchen is limited by the size of your kitchen and bank vault. speaking of bank vault, price goes by ‘Request A Quote‘ which in our books would mean ‘Price on Application’. check out a product intro video after the break to learn more.

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Resource Furniture via The Awesomer

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