This Wallpaper Is Fire Resistant And It Is A Fire Alarm System Too

The idiom there’s no smoke without fire was based on the fact that where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire. But we are not here talk about the idiom. We are here for the literal meaning, which is happens to be the basis of how most fire alarm works. The alarm only trigger when smoke reaches […]

Here’s Another Lesser Know Pride Of Japan: Restrooms And Toilets

Japanese takes pride in everything they do. From the house they live in to the cars they drive and even places that most folks aren’t exactly proud off: toilets. They made sure what they use are well designed, made and in tip top condition, so in the case when you are taking a dump, you […]

Abandoned Church Turned Into A Beautiful Art-infused Skatepark

More often than not, abandoned churches are usually designated as historic buildings, or repurposed into shopping malls, offices and such, but in the case of this godforsaken, once-holy property in Llanera, Asturias, Spain, it was spared of the commercial fate and instead, was transformed into a skatepark, decorated with vibrant geometric-inspired murals as dished out […]

Thonet Chairs

Interior design isn’t something that is always easy for men and we often don’t know where to begin when it comes to finding items with which to fill our homes so we will typically rely upon staple pieces of designer furniture that have been successful and iconic for generations and one such type of furniture…

Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture

you know what is plaguing today’s kitchen? clutter. that’s what. these necessary evils, including fridge, storage cabinets, dishwasher, microwave oven, cooktop et cetera, all constitutes to the clutter. however you try tidying it, it will still be clutter. that is the problem which the Stealth Kitchen by Resource Furniture aims to eliminate.

2014 Ikea Augmented Reality Catalog App

whenever we hit up ikea stores, we make sure we have our home or office floor plan handy – just to be sure we don’t get anything that doesn’t fit (returning a bed or sofa can be hassle, really). while “sizing” can be solved by the good old way (i.e. measuring), whether the furniture does

IMAX Private Theater

so a Curved OLED TV is not enough to trick into believing that you are getting the IMAX experience? well, no worries at all, as long you have pretty penny to drop, you can actually have an IMAX Private Theater installed in your home. we kid you not – this IMAX private theater is very real and is brought to you by none other than the people behind

650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed

despite the fact that the term ‘sleeping with the fishes’ is not exactly a good expression, there are still some folks who are so fond of aqua life that they’d wish for that to happen, though probably not the way Italian mafia would have interpreted it. anyway, this 650 Gallon Fish Tank Aquarium Bed created by aquarium specialist, Acrylic Tank…

Custom Dark Knight Home Theater

still fantasizing about taking on the role of the cape crusader? the truth is, it can never happen. sad fact, indeed but if you have like $2 million to splurge, you could turn your seizable spare room into a Dark Knight themed home theater. according to the brainchild behind this awesome custom home theater setup, Elite Home…