if you are getting too involved in your Playstation, then you might want to take your man-console relationship to the next level by giving it a customized look. while there are yet to have a diorama-covered example (which we doubt would be practical due the heat dissipation issue, btw), color customization offered by Colorware would be your only hope for that ‘personalized’ feel. as with previous Colorware offerings, it allows you to choose from a palette of colors and finishes, mix and match them to create the PS4 of your dream, or whatever closest to your dream. you know how the Playstation 4 is sort of ‘divided’ into four sections? well, unfortunately, you can’t have one color on each of the section. you are limited to the top left and right, plus the base, but it will be totally awesome if each of the visible ‘section’ can have their own colors.

the Colorware Playstation 4 comes standard with a DualShock 4 controller, which is also color customizable with up to two hues and the console comes with everything you will find in the original package, including the box, power cord, HDMI cable, earbud microphone, and DualShock4 charging cable. at around $250 premium over the retail PS4, we would say it takes a pretty serious individualism-oriented gamer to be wanting to drop $749 for the Colorway version. however, if you already own a PS4, you can send in yours to customize for a mere $249, but controller-customization isn’t included. additional customize color controller can be acquired for $109. hit the jump to take a look at our ‘dream’ Goldrush-treated DualShock 4 controller. pretty rad, don’t you think?

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Colorware Playstation 4

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