You Can Now Own A Pair Of AirPods With Retro Macintosh Look

If you have been following this blog, you would have know how much I hated the Apple AirPods’ design. I certainly won’t part with $159 for it, let alone $399. Wait, what? There is a pair of AirPods that cost that much? As a matter of fact, there is and it certainly is a product […]

ColorWare Adds A Nostalgic Feel To Joy-Cons And Pro Controller

Last August, we were enamored by ColorWare’s Joy-Cons Classic, the Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch that has been customized with to look like the classic NES console. All 25 sets were swiftly snapped up and if you missed it, fret not, cos’ ColorWare has brought it back. Well, kind of… The Joy-Cons 8-bit, as it […]

ColorWare ‘NES’ Joy Con, Colored Switch And Wolfenstein Consoles

Maybe I am not all into all things colored, but when the maestro of coloring gadgets posted a tweet of a Formula Red and Steel version of Nintendo’s latest game console, Switch, I am immediately sold. Indeed, as far as images go, steel color and red does look decidedly cool. No. In fact, it is […]

ColorWare Will Now Sell You Apple AirPods In The Colors Of Your Choice

If you have been following this blog, you will have already know that I am not fan of Apple AirPods for reasons which I do not need to repeat myself. Having said that, does customizing it in color chosen from a plethora of colors change my mind about this astounding design fail? Probably not. Though […]

Colorware Gave iPhone 6s A Very Retrolicious Makeover

You may have queued for countless hours or even days or weeks for a spanking new iPhone 6s (or 6s Plus, whichever is your poison), but we hate to break it to you that while you may have gotten the device a few days or weeks earlier than some people, exclusivity is not yours to […]

Colorware’s $300 a Piece 24K Gold Plated Game Controllers Sold Out in Matter of Days

Colorware made its name dishing out custom paint jobs for gadgets, where they are known to spice up those otherwise boring gadgets with brilliant colors of your choosing. That said, we certainly did not expect them to turn out 24K gold-plated examples, but did anyhow and the gadget or gadgets of choice that Colorway chose […]

Colorware Playstation 4

if you are getting too involved in your Playstation, then you might want to take your man-console relationship to the next level by giving it a customized look. while there are yet to have a diorama-covered example (which we doubt would be practical due the heat dissipation issue, btw), color customization offered by Colorware would…

Colorware iPhone 5

how do you stand out from the other millions of iPhone 5 users? simple. custom it all over (except for the display, of course) with the colors of your choice and the odds of your iPhone 5 looking like the next dude’s is almost zero. we said ‘almost‘. actually, that doesn’t really matters as what most important is that it will be in the color or colors that you love. choose between black &…