ColorWare Joy-Cons 8-bit and Pro Controller 8-bit

Last August, we were enamored by ColorWare’s Joy-Cons Classic, the Joy-Con controllers for Nintendo Switch that has been customized with to look like the classic NES console. All 25 sets were swiftly snapped up and if you missed it, fret not, cos’ ColorWare has brought it back. Well, kind of… The Joy-Cons 8-bit, as it is called, is not quite the Joy-Cons Classic. It is close enough though, sporting a Nintendo gray and black design with hints of red on the ABXY buttons.

ColorWare Joy-Cons 8-bit

There are no “START” and “SELECT” labels though and the black now extends across the entire length of each controller. Admittedly not as delightful the now-sold out Joy-Cons Classic, but like I said, close enough. In addition, ColorWare has also introduced a matching Pro Controller that shares the same colorway as the Joy-Cons 8-bit, aptly called Pro Controller 8-bit. Last checked, both controllers are still available and if you want either, or both, be sure to act on it quick. Also, be prepared to drop a healthy $199 for the Joy-Cons 8-bit and $189 for the Pro Controller 8-bit.

ColorWare Pro Controller 8-bit

Images: ColorWare.