LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

LG Cinema 3D Smart TV
(photos: LG) LG Cinema 3D Smart TV | US$tba | www.lg.com

can’t get enough of large screen, supermodel-slim LCD TV? then the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV line is something to watch out for. With display sizes ranging from 55 to 84 inches, the LG Cinema 3D Smart TV makes an incredible slim bezel of just 1mm virtually nonexistent. needless to say, the top-of-the-line is of course, the gargantuan 84-inch 3D UD TV that has 8 million pixels and boost a mind-boggling 3840 x 2160 resolution. other notable features include the new Magic Remote that features Voice Recognition, Magic Gesture and Wheel, newly designed 3D glasses, and of course, a very beautiful aesthetic. no word on when exactly these smart TVs will be available but with home electronics, you can be sure it will be seeing them in no time. of course, prices are still to be confirmed. as you might have guessed, this awesome display is one of the many being showcased at the ongoing CES 2012. damn, we wish we could be there. lucky for us, LG is kind enough to put up a few images of the unveiling at the CES 2012 for our viewing pleasure. click through for a few of those images and pretend we were actually there.

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