The Ferrari Audio Collection by Logic3

The Ferrari Audio Collection by Logic3
(photos: Ferrari) The Ferrari Audio Collection by Logic3 | from £99.99 |

this year’s CES feel like a more exciting one even though we are not personally there. or maybe we were thrilled by the announcement by Logic3 on its collaboration with luxury sports car maker, Ferrari. this collaboration is collectively known as The Ferrari Audio Collection by Logic3 that includes personal audio gear such as earphones, headphones and audio docks. the collection is split into two styles: the Ferrari Cavallino Collection and the Scuderia Ferrari Collection. the former draws its design inspiration by the “emotive driving experience of Ferrari’s iconic GT road cars” with premium materials and a more business suit-like styling that has a more subtle styling and classy colorway. the famous prancing marque completes the package of each of the music gear in the Ferrari Cavallino Collection. the latter, on the other hand, does not hold back on its famous competition heritage with its blazing Ferrari Red on black colorway and the iconic Scuderia Ferrari badge, both that are instantly recognizable all over the world. these wonder music gears are set to hit the stores this April with a starting price from £99.99 (about US$155) for a pair of in-ear headphones and running up to as high as £599.99 (about US$928) for the Cavallino GT1 Air audio dock.

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