Ferrari by Logic3 FS1 Air Speaker Dock

with so many affordable compact speaker system around, it is hard to justify paying premium that some makers ask for their rigs. then again, how can anyone say no to a speaker dock born out of the matrimony between a prestigious automobile brand such as Ferrari and a veteran audio manufacturer like Logic3?

Ferrari R300 Noise-canceling Headphones by Logic3

while the Ferrari R300 Noise-canceling Headphones by Logic3 might not keep your ears safe from the deafening screams of the Formula 1 racers, it will, however, keeps unwanted ambient noise at bay for you to enjoy your favorite tunes. thanks to the incorporation of Active Noise Canceling technology

The Ferrari Audio Collection by Logic3

this year’s CES feel like a more exciting one even though we are not personally there. or maybe we were thrilled by the announcement by Logic3 on its collaboration with luxury sports car maker, Ferrari. this collaboration is…