while the Ferrari R300 Noise-canceling Headphones by Logic3 might not keep your ears safe from the deafening screams of the Formula 1 racers, it will, however, keeps unwanted ambient noise at bay for you to enjoy your favorite tunes. thanks to the incorporation of Active Noise Canceling technology, you can enjoy the amazing sound that Logic3 is known for, dutifully reproduced through its 40mm drivers without the awful ambient disturbances. it is branded under the Maranello marque and so you know the aesthetic is as important as its performance. drawing its design inspiration from the Scuderia Ferrari racing team and various functional aesthetics of GT cars, the R300 features a robust, machined-crafted metal arms, diamond shaped grilles and ultra-soft, breathable ear pads for comfort fit and aiding in sealing in the music while keeping disturbances out. it comes packed with a cool carbon fiber texture trimmed carrying case for storing the R300 when folded and two cables: a three-button remote with integrated mic for Apple devices; and one one-button inline remote for other mobile and media devices, with each detachable cable featuring an anti-tangle design trimmed in woven fabric. basically, it all adds up to a beautiful product that bears the mark and accents of the prancing horse brand. the Ferrari R300 Noise-canceling Headphones by Logic3 sits in the vicinity of the Beats headphones range and hence, it has a price to match too. each pair will set you back at $349. audio-wise we can’t vouch for it or even begin to justify its price tag but visually, we have a gallery (which you can find after the break) for you to drool over and decide for yourself if you should grab this pair of auto-branded cans to match your Ferrari ride.

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