as much as we love the idea of portable Bluetooth speakers, we are also wary about two things: first, taking it to our outdoor adventure is a big no-no; and second, Bluetooth connectivity kind of sucks up our smartphones juice pretty quickly. the Braven BRV-1 Rugged Bluetooth Speaker is designed to soak up whatever you and Mother Nature can throw at it and at the same time, gives your mobile device some backup juice when needed. this palm-sized, dual driver Bluetooth speaker is IPX5 certified water resistant and ruggedized to absorb shock, while offering 3W per channel of wireless audio reproduction. other features include a 3.5mm audio jack for other non-Bluetooth enabled sources, built-in noise-canceling mic for taking calls and a built-in 1,400 mAh battery that not only offers up to 12 hours of playback but also doubles as a powerbank (aka portable battery) to juice up your smartphone when your mobile device is low on charge. though it is noteworthy that it is not intended for water resistant, but we are fine by that. all we need something that isn’t intimidated by the sudden downpour when we out in the great outdoor (which is a common occurrence in this part of the world). most importantly, it looks superbly stylish as far as rugged Bluetooth speakers are concerned. available in a choice of blue or black, the Braven BRV-1 Rugged Bluetooth Speaker can be yours for $179.99 a pop.

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