Braven Fuse Portable Audio Mixer Wants You To Play DJ On-The-Go

With the popularity of Bluetooth speakers and portable media players, it is only a matter of time that audio mixers go mobile too. When we said mobile, we do not just mean luggage size kind of portable, but rather, one that can slip easily into a backpack or even a pocket and the Braven Fuse …

Braven BRV-X Rugged TrueWireless Outdoor Speaker

when you really think about it, all portable speakers should be ruggedized. i mean, it is a portable speaker after all, which means we will be tempted to bring it wherever we go and i do mean everywhere. with this respect, Braven is one of those rare maker that makes ruggedized speakers almost exclusively and their latest…

Braven 855s Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker

rugged portable wireless speakers are a dime a dozen but as portables, they can be quite small for the liking for some folks and so we thought the Braven 855s Rugged Portable Wireless Speaker might just be able to fill that void.the 855s is bigger, measuring 10″ x 4″ and has a full 20W of audio bliss. but setting itself apart from the sleek 850

Braven 850 Bluetooth Speaker

the influx of portable Bluetooth speakers can be quite off putting at times, because some of us needed something with a bigger sound then some puny single digital wattage for output. if portable big sound is what you on to, then take a look at the Braven 850 Bluetooth Speaker, the newest addition to the Braven family with full 20 watts of audio bliss

Braven BRV-1 Rugged Bluetooth Speaker

as much as we love the idea of portable Bluetooth speakers, we are also wary about two things: first, taking it to our outdoor adventure is a big no-no; and second, Bluetooth connectivity kind of sucks up our smartphones juice pretty quickly. the Braven BRV-1 Rugged Bluetooth Speaker is designed to soak up whatever