Braven Six Series Bluetooth Speakers

Braven Six Series Bluetooth Speakers
(photos: Braven) Braven Six Series Bluetooth Speakers | US$149.99 |

with the flood of Bluetooth speakers in the market, you will be forgiven for feeling a little too overwhelmed and possibility, intimidated by the various manufacturers’ claims. however, for us, as long it sounds better then our devices’ onboard speaker and it looks the part of stylish, we are all up for them. the Braven Six Series Bluetooth Speakers are just those Bluetooth speakers that beg for our attention. available in three models: the 600, 625s, and the 650, they not only function as a Bluetooth speaker but its built-in rechargeable battery also serves as a juice pack for your mobile devices, which make it doubly awesome. naturally, we are drawn to its good looking aluminum enclosure. each model is differentiated by its design, battery life-span and material (or materials) used. however, they share some common features that include Bluetooth 2.1 +EDR, A2DP 1.2 support, up to 10-meter (33-ft) of operating distance, hands-free profile, 3.5mm audio line-in catering to non-Bluetooth enabled devices and a 3.5 audio out port to daisy chain with other Braven speakers. also onboard of each Braven is a micro USB port for recharging and a full-size USB port for juicing up your USB devices. the Braven Six Series Bluetooth Speakers are available with a starting price of $149.99 each. click through for a few more look and an awesome product intro video.

Braven via Cool Material

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