I am glad that I am still holding on to an iPod Classic. The click wheel implemented on it was a pure design ingenuity and it will likely remain as one of the greatest invention to ever implemented on a consumer tech product. Period. Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end and it did for the iPod Classic when Apple pulled the plug a few months ago, turning an awesome product into just another small chapter in Apple’s history. But it was this unceremonious ending that spur imaginations to bring it back and one such imagination is a concept product simply known as iPod Cover for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus by designer Claudio Gomboli. Gomboli reimagine a cover of leather and sapphire crystal that brings the iconic click wheel back and onto an iPhone 6. Yes. the click wheel and one that is ‘conceptually’ functional.

iPod Cover for iPhone by Claudio Gomboli

Besides turning an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus into a big-ass iPod Classic, which by itself is pretty awesome, it is supposedly functional, working in sync with the phone to allow you to enjoy your favorite tunes the iPod Classic way. But to put it bluntly, it is a wishful thinking (which we wish it isn’t, really). Because there is no way, at least not at this point, that you can have an alternative UI available to you when you snap the case close. This isn’t Android. The OS can’t be skinned by third party like Android can, though it might if the phone is jailbroken. Just might. No guarantee, though. But if that’s what it takes it to work, then I am all up for it. But we all know that this isn’t going to happen.

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Anyways, it is after all, a concept and with concepts, anyone has the liberty to dream and for Gomboli, he imagined that the sapphire crystal would allow users to browse notifications, swipe through the apps’ widgets, and access your music collection without opening the cover. A brilliant concept that I can say I want it, badly. I don’t use a cover, but for this, I will made an exception. We Apple will pick it up, or just anybody with the means to make it happen. Do something now already.

iPod Cover for iPhone by Claudio Gomboli

iPod Cover for iPhone by Claudio Gomboli

Claudio Gomboli via Gizmodo

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