So you think Brikk’s Lux iPhone 6’s $8,400 price tag is a drop in the ocean? Then may we suggest a super luxe alternative, dubbed the Brikk Lux iPhone 6 Dimond Select, that will guarantee to bruise your plentiful bank account a little more. Brikk called it “the evolution of the Lux iPhone 6” and as the product’s namesake suggests, this one has got a little more diamonds on it. Available in three precious finishes, namely 24k yellow gold, 24k pink gold, and 950 platinum, the Diamond Select “pushes design barriers” (more like pushes the luxury barriers) to offer up to an additional 12.8 carats of diamonds painstakingly laid on the handset’s frame, which means you will find the precious shiny stones encrusted on all four sides of the handset, as well as the top and bottom strips on the back. The Apple logo is naturally also set in diamonds.

Brikk Lux iPhone 6 Diamond Select

All told, an iPhone 6 model will have an additional 9.24 carats of diamonds, while the iPhone 6 Plus has 12.8 carats. Whichever you choose, it should have enough shiny bits to please your insatiable appetite for the precious stones. Speaking of precious stones, Brikk said they are of “perfect VVS clarity, DE color, conflict-free, natural diamonds,” which is an assurance that you are getting nothing less for the amount you are going drop for one such handset and also to keep your conscious clear, knowing that you are not financing any mindless war. If you are suitably impressed and ready to splurge, then be prepared to pay at least $42,995 for an iPhone 6 Diamond Select, or $56,995 and up for the 6 Plus model. Probably not the priciest iPhone, but still wow.

Throw in an additional 5 grand, your beloved, very pricey Diamond Select (only for standard iPhone 6) can be configured with the same 256-bit hardware encryption technology found on the iPhone 6 Secure. Also, each Brikk iPhone 6 Diamond Select will come in a custom fitted, 24k gold-plated Zero Halliburton carbon fiber and genuine suede leather case, and for the money-well-spent peace of mind, you will also receive a diamond-embedded certificate of authenticity, plus a one-year warranty by Brikk. Sadly, the standard accessories that come with each handset will be, well, standard. So no bling, bling in that area, but don’t let your fellow richie rich knows and you will be all good.

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