Brikk Lux iPhone 6 Secure

We would imagine if you can afford phones that cost thousands of dollars, you would also be totally obsessed with your privacy and thus, you won’t want anybody, be it the government, paparazzi, or the tabloids, to be tapping on your phone calls. If that’s the case, Brikk, the purveyor of luxury gadgets, has just the right solution for you: the Brikk Lux iPhone 6 Secure. The Brikk Lux iPhone 6 Secure brings together two things that matters the most to the filthy rich: one, the ultimate luxury treatment to an otherwise pricey piece but advanced gadget, and two, the peace mind of secured phone calls through advanced encryption. As far as we know, Brikk is the only firm that marries the aforementioned, which if you think about it, makes helluva of sense.

The Lux iPhone 6 Secure features encryption technology as used by presidents, government officials and many rich and powerful folks around the world, as provided by security firm Kryptall. Each of these secured phones is packed with custom hardware and software that encodes your conversation in 256-bit digital encryption to make them sound unintelligible to anyone who might be eavesdropping on you. Further privacy is guaranteed by routing your calls through a network of global servers that are physically located in over ten countries where phone interception and wire tapping is illegal.

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Brikk Lux iPhone 6 Secure is available as iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and in a choice of standard versions, 24K gold or 950 platinum plated versions, or diamond versions. Prices start at a modest $4,995 (no bling, no nothing) and may run up to over $13,895. Wow.