For those who take their drinking water direct off the faucet, then the odds are, you only boil water when you need hot water for making beverages like tea or coffee. Therein lies the problem: one cup or mug of boiling water is all you need, but instead, you are spending valuable resources to boil a kettle pot full – just for a cup or mug. Average folks like you and me probably won’t wink an eye about this ongoing waste, but not Miito. It won’t stand to see such a waste goes unchallenged. Developed by Denmark-based international studio Chudy and Grase, Miito is a kettle reimagined and it has no pot. The vessel you will be using to drink your favorite hot beverage is the pot. Just place the said vessel filled with water directly on the induction base and dip the self-standing rod in it, and soon you will have a boiling cup of water ready for your use.

Miito Induction Kettle

It may sounds like voodoo, but rest assure that there is nothing unorthodox here. The theory behind Miito is pretty straightforward: the induction base heats up the rod and the rod in turn, heats the liquid surrounding it. It is kind of an age-old theory, but streamlined to eliminate unnecessary wastage. The wonder about Miito is, it will automatically goes into standby once the water is boiled, or when you lift the rod off the base and most importantly, it works with any nonferrous drinkware of any size, though we are not too sure about plastic cups. And it works beyond boiling water; it heats up soup and milk too. When the rod is place directly on the base, it shuts down the device completely, so there will be no energy wasted for standby.

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Finally, the minimalistic design of the rod promotes easy cleaning, meaning a more hygienic boiled water as opposed to traditional kettle which often sees calcification that is hard to reach out to clean. As exciting as this development may sound, it is, unfortunately, not available as yet and there is no telling when it will be ready or even what will be the asking price. In the mean time, you can catch this innovative kettle in action in the video below.

Miito Induction Kettle

Miito Induction Kettle

Miito Induction Kettle

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