Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Japanese Iron Kettle

What happens when the person in charge of the Mizusawa Foundry Industry Cooperative Association, an organization that makes traditional ironware called nanbu tekkei, and a traditional iron hardware craftsman both love Evangelion? Well, sparks fly, of course, and then this happened: the Nanbu Tekki Evangelion 0.4L Iron Kettle.

Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Kettle: Force Not Included

Obviously, the Sith Lord himself, Darth Vader, doesn’t drink tea. In fact, he does not even ingest solid food. His life is dependant on the life-support armor that feeds his body with nutrient fluids. And so, clearly, this man needs no kettle, even it is one that is designed to look like his iconic helmet, …

If You Want A Perfect Joe, Then You Will Want This High-tech Kettle

Some say the best coffee brewing temperature for water is at 205F or 95 Celsius. Knowing the temperature is one thing, but how you get that exact temperature and maintain it for the pour is another thing. That’s not to mention the all-important pour ritual that will also effect the taste of the coffee. A …

Noir Pistol-style Coffee Maker and Bullet Shell Espresso Cups Take “a Shot of Espresso” to a Whole New Level

This really takes “a shot of espresso” to a whole new level. We talking about the Noir Pistol-style Coffee Maker and Bullet Shell-style Espresso Cups (not the official product name, btw) which comprises of an aluminum coffee pot that resembles a pistol – complete with soft touch pistol grip for handle (duh) and a barrel …

Meet Miito, an Innovative Induction Kettle That Does Without a Pot

For those who take their drinking water direct off the faucet, then the odds are, you only boil water when you need hot water for making beverages like tea or coffee. Therein lies the problem: one cup or mug of boiling water is all you need, but instead, you are spending valuable resources to boil …

iKettle – The World’s First WiFi Kettle

with so many things connected and going ‘smart’ these days, how is that your trusty kettle be left unconnected? well, if that has been bothering you, then Firebox have a piece of awesome news for you: kettle is finally on the ‘smart’ bandwagon – so go ahead and dump your caveman pot, and welcome iKettle, the world’s first WiFi kettle.

BioLite KettlePot Camping Kettle

the BioLite CampStove is no doubt one of the coolest camping gear we have seen, but a stove itself won’t do any good if you don’t have a pot or kettle or maybe a grill or something to go with it. well, i guess the grill part is a non-issue since the introduction of the Portable Grill and so, all there is left is to decide whether to lug along a pot or a kettle, or both.

Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kitchen Appliances

toaster, coffee maker and kettle are kitchen appliances that most of us wouldn’t pay much attention to. however, in case you do, you might want to get to know the Panasonic Breakfast Collection Kitchen Appliances – a series of small appliances bearing what the Japanese electronics maker described as “bold and ambitious