BRU Automated Tea Machine

Here’s a nifty kitchen gadget that will take the legwork, or should I say, finger work, out of tea making. Meet BRU Tea Machine. Wait, what? Tea machine ain’t no news. Of course, it is not news. However, BRU Tea Machine is NOT any tea machine.

BRU Tea Machine is the world’s first automated tea machine. In other words, it is the tea equivalent of Nespresso machine – except that it does not use capsules.

BRU Automated Tea Machine

It lets you make the perfect cup of tea at the push of a button just like Nespresso machines, but with the boon of giving you control over the temperature, cup size and brew time, so you’d be making a cuppa that is just how you like it.

Another standout feature is the machine’s ability to brew any types of tea in any form, be it tea bag or tea leaves. BRU Tea Machine is a kettle too, allowing you to dispense hot water at any temperature from its 2 liter (approx. 68 fl. oz.) reservoir.

Like, who would have thought a tea machine could mean one less gadget in your kitchen? OK. Maybe not quite “one less gadget,” but it does cancel out each other and you are not adding yet another machine to your already clutter countertop.

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A few other notables include built-in safety sensors, removable borosilicate glass brewing chamber, food-grade silicone outlet tube, auto flush function and finally, auto cleaning that flushes the wall of the glass brewing chamber (only in BRU+ model).

BRU Automated Tea Machine

\Two years in the making, BRU Tea Machine is finally available for pre-order via Kickstarter where you can secure a unit for as low as 96 CHF, or about US$96 (eventual retail price will be $170).

Each BRU Tea Machine comes with the machine as well as a BRU glass mug. Delivery is expected to happen sometime in April 2020. The campaign is well over funded.

At the time of this post, the BRU Tea Machine has pulled in over $120,000 contributed by more than 1,000 backers.

BRU Automated Tea Machine

Images courtesy of BRU TEA.

Submitted via TIP US Page.